Are You Promoting a Show or Lifestyle?

Here’s the thing: For those of us who work in the live entertainment industry, going to a show isn’t just a one off — it’s a lifestyle. We know the value of an event, and we know what a role it plays in our own lives. I think we all wish that everybody valued a night at a show as much as we did. So, we have to ask: As marketers, are you promoting a show or a lifestyle? If …

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Bright Ideas

“Deep Work”

Editor’s Note: Jim was recently interviewed by Laura Vanderkam of Fortune for his tips and tricks on “How to Focus on Your Work and Ditch the Distractions.” In addition to what he shared with Vanderkam, below he outlines other helpful ideas for tapping into “deep” work: If you’re not doing “deep” work, you’re doing shallow work, and if you’re a leader in an organization, shallow work doesn’t even justify your salary. The first concept is to believe that deep work …

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