Goldstar and Eventbrite in the News

We’ve got some news that will help you reach a wider audience, and make it more convenient for them to catch your events. Goldstar's new partnership with Eventbrite lets you list your event on Goldstar and Eventbrite from one platform, and use mobile ticketing -- meaning no more will-call! “‘For events like ours that are new, you really can get your name out there and sell more tickets on Goldstar and Eventbrite,’ says Amber Fleming, event producer for Foodie Con...

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Spotlight On

Spotlight On … Dorrance Dance: The Blues Project

In his post What Does a Ticket Really Get You? Jim suggests that when you buy a ticket to attend a live event, you're buying a physical ticket (often), the anticipation of the event, the entertainment of the event, the memories and reflections that follow the event, including talking about it with other people, and a change in yourself — an upgrade. He writes: "If you go see Warhorse or the NBA Finals, you’re making yourself into something slightly different. If you...

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