#Flashback Friday: “Exploiting” Opera Is the First Step to Making People Care

Happy Friday! Here’s an oldie-but-goodie 2010 post from Jim: “Exploiting” Opera Is the First Step to Making People Care. In the U.K., there’s a show called Popstar to Operastar. True to its name, it’s a reality show about well-known pop stars trying their hand at opera and being eliminated one at a time, Dancing with the Stars-style. Here in America, DWTS has not only been a popular show, but it’s also gotten people interested in dancing again. Right here in Pasadena, …

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If You’re Still Not Willing to Get Serious About Getting Outside the Four Walls of Your Venue

The old-fashioned mindset of “protecting” the live experience by making it as unavailable to anybody not present in the building at the time of the event doesn’t work. What it does is prevent people from being able to participate, which prevents them from caring, which prevents them from being a fan or supporter. This isn’t a theory. The sports guys know this. Imagine a world where you could only see an NBA game live. It’s been demonstrated by the National …

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In Case You Missed It

Each week we gather up a few stories worth a read (or second read). And now, in case you missed them … • Crowdfunding works. That’s what the data reports for campaigns for theater and dance projects in the UK in the first part of this year. • British singer Sarah Brightman (Phantom of the Opera) wants to be the first to sing in space – and she’s willing to pay for it: $52 million. But she’s got some competition: …

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The Real Battle is Getting People Out More

Stephen Wood is the executive director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the UK and though he likes the National Theatre’s NT Live broadcasts of some of its theater productions, he wants to make sure they’re not a “substitute” for actually going to the theater. We cover this topic a lot. As a rule, increasing the ability for people to get access to something makes them “consume” more of it and think about it more. The bigger worry by far, as …

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