TEDxBroadway Is Not a Theater Conference

I had an absolute blast at TEDxBroadway last week, and I hope that everyone who came to the event did, too. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, both at the event itself and afterward online. The people who go to the event and, of course, the team of volunteers and speakers who show up to do the event truly seem to believe in the idea that trying to imagine the best that Broadway can be is worth the time. To …

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How Not to Discount: Part II

Don’t discount at the last minute only. This one’s pretty simple. The second bad way to discount is to wait until the last minute, and then do it in a panic. Why is this a bad idea? First, you’ve narrowed your options considerably. When venues come to us the day or two before a show and say they’d like to discount, we typically can’t help them, and we’re fast! But the fact is that we, like every big website, have …

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