Reimagining the Seating Chart

You’ve probably had this experience: You’re about to buy tickets to a show, and you’re debating between, say, front balcony and rear orchestra. The rear orchestra costs more, but it’s worth it if the view is better. Only … will the view be better? How well can you see the stage from the rear orchestra at this particular venue? Would you have a better view from the front balcony, since you’d be raised above the crowd? If you haven’t had...

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Spotlight On

Spotlight On … Seattle Children’s Theatre

Jim has written about how important it is to make great work for children and “get ‘em when they’re young.” Seattle Children’s Theatre, under the leadership of artistic director Linda Hartzell since 1984, is a great example of an organization that's doing both. According to this Seattle Times article, Seattle Children's Theatre is "one of Seattle’s theatrical jewels," which has "become a major force and innovator, introducing generations of children to the wonders of professional theater." Hartzell told Seattle Times theater...

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