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Promo of the Week: “Drunk Broadway” With Rock of Ages Cast (Videos)

Last week, premiered its exclusive series “Drunk Broadway,” which features the cast of Rock of Ages “getting plastered at a bar and talking up your fave shows.” First up was The Lion King: Then, watch as the cast tries to explain which witch is which in Wicked: • Join our conversation on Twitter about Customer Service for Audience Building with Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy @goldstarjim and Shoshana Fanizza of Audience Development Specialists @AudienceDevSpec on September 25, 2014, at noon ET. …

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The Lion King Goes Viral — Again

Oops … They did it again! A few months ago, we posted a video of the cast members of The Lion King singing “The Circle of Life” on the airplane to Sydney to celebrate the launch of the show in Brisbane. This time, the Broadway cast of The Lion King took a break between shows on June 28, 2014, and gave riders in one New York City subway car a big surprise. On YouTube, below the video reads: Last year the …

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The Lion King Goes Viral

Who doesn’t love a little free publicity? That’s exactly what The Lion King production in Australia got when the video below went viral. To celebrate the launch of the show in Brisbane, cast members sang “The Circle of Life” on the airplane back to Sydney. You can feel the energy and even if it was preplanned, the video doesn’t feel that way. It’s fun to watch and easy to see why everyone’s sharing it.

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“The Lion King” + Dynamic Pricing = No. 1

While we’re on the topic today of math, ticket prices and calculating revenue, Patrick Healy’s article in The New York Times yesterday points out how “The Lion King” has used dynamic pricing to become the top-grossing show on Broadway in 2013. Is your organization using dynamic pricing?  

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Why Lyricist Tim Rice Wants You to Fail

Grammy, Oscar and Tony-winning lyricist Tim Rice (The Lion King, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Beauty and the Beast) is very concerned. He thinks we live in a world where “everyone has to pass.” According to this article by Hannah Furness for The Telegraph, he “worries about the lack of mistakes permitted in the modern day, in a culture where there is ‘very little failure.’” Rice actually thinks failure is the best thing for some people (he failed the exam to …

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The Secret of the Highest-Grossing Show of 2013

Ken Davenport points out on his blog, The Producer’s Perspective, that the highest-grossing Broadway show of 2013 was not The Book of Mormon, or Kinky Boots or any of the sexy young things of recent fame, but Disney’s good old, 16-year-old The Lion King. How is it done? According to Ken, “All this proves the ol’ axiom, that the secret to a long running, super high grossing show is to make your show the star.”

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The Lion King to Hit $1 Billion, Disney Delivers For Audiences

‘The Lion King’ Poised to Become Broadway’s First Musical to Bank $1 Billion. I just want to post so we can talk in billions! That doesn’t happen a lot in live entertainment, so congratulations to Tom Schumacher and the rest of the Disney gang. Things like this don’t happen easily or automatically or because of the automatic imprimatur of the Disney brand. They happen because the organization involved is delivering for audiences in special way. Well done.

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