#Flashback Friday: “Exploiting” Opera Is the First Step to Making People Care

Happy Friday! Here’s an oldie-but-goodie 2010 post from Jim: “Exploiting” Opera Is the First Step to Making People Care. In the U.K., there’s a show called Popstar to Operastar. True to its name, it’s a reality show about well-known pop stars trying their hand at opera and being eliminated one at a time, Dancing with the Stars-style. Here in America, DWTS has not only been a popular show, but it’s also gotten people interested in dancing again. Right here in Pasadena, …

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Selling Out With

Selling Out With … Derek McLane

A live broadcast of Hairspray Live! is coming to NBC on December 7. We had the chance to speak with the award-winning theatrical production designer of the broadcast, Derek McLane. The Harvard grad has worked on hundreds of shows (no exaggeration!), and he just earned two Emmy nominations for The Oscars, where he has served as production designer since 2013, and The Wiz Live! Here, McLane shares his process when he designs for a production and the best advice he’s …

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Breaking Non-News: Amy Winehouse Not Touring as a Hologram

When technologies are new, people naturally make small-minded, limited assumptions about them. It’s human nature. Apparently, some fans of Amy Winehouse have heard (and probably started) the rumors that she would be touring soon, despite having died a few years ago, in hologram form. I predict there will never be a successful tour of a major star in hologram form. The reason I say this is that as soon as the technology is good enough to deliver a high-quality “performance” …

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The Sound of Audience

Last Thursday night, 18.5 million people watched The Sound of Music performed live on television. Last season, 11.5 million people saw any show on Broadway. Quibble about the performances. Quibble about the production. Say (correctly) that the two experiences are not the same. Say (correctly) that you can’t monetize a TV viewing the same way you can monetize a theater visit. But here’s what it comes down to. When the only way to experience the product is in the building, …

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