PODCAST: Klaus Derendorf Talks Finding Success in Changing Times

Finding Success in Changing Times With Klaus Derendorf Having talent does not always equal success. Plenty of people have all the talent in the world, but will never make it big. So how do you find that balance between focusing on your creative talent and devoting time to the business and relationship skills you need to succeed?  This week’s guest has the answer. Klaus Derendorf is Chief Business Development Officer at VerifiR, a cloud-based marketing, sales, and authentification platform. VerifiR …

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#TBT: 3 Things the NFL Can Teach the Rest of the Live Entertainment Business

Happy #TBT. To celebrate, we’re sharing an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim: 3 Things the NFL Can Teach the Rest of the Live Business. The grizzly bear is about to crawl out of its winter hibernation chamber. All the creatures, great and small, in its domain must once again acknowledge its benevolent but certain rule. The National Football League is gearing up to get back in action. Many of my readers in the arts and theater world have eyes so glazed at …

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