What Happens in Las Vegas Will Be Happening in Madison Square Garden

Las Vegas has long been a place where popular acts (musicians, magicians and others) who are still popular, but probably beyond the peak of their popularity, can do very well. It’s done by creating a monument to their achievements and success and marketing a location as the place that you can go to find them anytime. Celine Dion may not be recording many new hits, but she’s got enough fans and enough of a catalog that when you put millions …

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Bright Ideas

Create An Event, and You Might Change the Place Where It Happens

I talk a lot about the interplay between event and place, and this is a great example. No event lives in a vacuum, so if you’re part of an organization (or group of organizations) large enough to change the dynamics of the place where your event is (or would be), you can create a synergistic effect. In this case, Tony Hsieh of Zappos and others are working hard to create an anchor event, the Life is Beautiful Festival, to bring …

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