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Who’s That “Song-A-Day” Guy Jonathan Mann at TEDxBroadway 2014?

Recently, Jim announced another batch of speakers at TEDxBroadway 2014. One of the special singing guests is the “song-a-day” guy, Jonathan Mann, who’ll be providing preview and recap entertainment for the event. If you haven’t seen any of Mann’s videos yet, here’s one you might like: “We’ve Got To Break Up” (Song A Day #1435) In 2009, Mann started his Song a Day project, and as of 20 hours ago, he’d posted a new song on YouTube every day for …

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Data or Gut? They Go Hand in Hand

So, data or “gut”? Really, it’s a phony baloney question. I’ll have both, please. Gut alone is basically just you being a witch doctor, which is fine as long as you’re right. (Don’t mess up.) Data alone is OK, but I think in arts and entertainment, you’ll hit a wall pretty quickly. Data is backward-looking by definition. Steve Jobs didn’t come up with the idea for the iPhone by reading the results of an A/B test, but a lot of …

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Find Something Great to Do Anytime, Anywhere

Recently, Bloomberg asked me to talk about the impact of mobile adoption on live events, and some of you may have seen that segment. The reason they were interested in having me there is that over the last couple of years, Goldstar has put a tremendous effort into understanding and being part of the platform shift currently happening among consumers toward mobile devices. As a veteran of the original World Wide Web explosion of the late ’90s, this mobile transition …

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