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What Live Entertainment Marketers Can Learn From Star Wars

Happy Star Wars Day! OK, it’s not an official holiday, but with all the hype surrounding the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens it might as well be, right? In honor of the new movie, Inc. shared 57 inspirational quotes from Star Wars and George Lucas. We think a few of them relate quite well to live entertainment. Check them out below for a little marketing inspiration and to get excited to see the new Star Wars movie: “If you can …

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No Breakthroughs Without Risks and Failures

London seems to be leading the way in shows that very actively engage all five senses. First, there was the fireworks show, and now there are the BitterSuite symphonies. It’s a classical concert that makes you smell, touch and taste things as part of the program. Lindsey Winship of The Guardian (UK) describes it like this: “The audience were blindfolded and fed different sensory experiences in parallel with the music: fizzy pop and cola bottles for the effervescent second movement …

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