Make A Moment Bigger — and More Meaningful

  Holidays and special occasions are great reasons to go out — right? We (almost) wish every day was a holiday! Spotify is putting this idea into action. Every year, Black History Month is celebrated in February. But, as Fast Company points out, there is a “common refrain heard every February: that black history shouldn’t be confined to just one month, but celebrated and acknowledged year-round.” Spotify and Saturday Morning Co. have created Black History Is Happening Now, reports Fast …

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Music Industry Tries New Tactic to Boost Sales

As we reported a few days ago, streaming music is at an all-time high, and premium streaming fees are even outpacing CD sales. However, there’s a movement in the music industry to “kill off” streaming, particularly free streaming. One suggestion is to make the free product less appealing, forcing people to upgrade to the paid service. However, as Fletcher Babb reports on “At a 2013 conference unveiling Spotify’s newly unlimited mobile services, [Spotify] CEO Daniel Ek said ‘We’re giving people …

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All-You-Can-Eat … Music?

“Recorded music, unlike live music, has dropped in value to the point where it’s a struggle to sell it at all,” wrote Jim in his post, Uptick in Vinyl Sales Proves Value of Recorded Music Headed to Zero. He was suggesting that the reason people buy albums —  sound quality, the souvenir value of the packaging, the liner notes in larger print, or to help support the artist — just won’t trump convenience and price in the mass market. Now CNET …

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YouTube’s New Music Streaming Service Not Too Different

YouTube’s going to be offering a service that replicates what’s available from services like Spotify, Rhapsody and others that to me, with a few quirks of user interface preferences, really doesn’t differ much for the consumer. But I have a hard time caring much about this. The established principle here is that there is a business model for the streaming of music online in which musicians and rights holders get paid, but what they’ll get paid is pretty minimal. Why …

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