Broadway Sales Go Crazy Over Christmas

A few amazing highlights of the Broadway box office numbers from the week of Christmas: • Wicked breaks $3 million on nine performances. That’s more than $300,000 every time that curtain goes up. Average paid ticket price was $184.50. Wow. • A play (not a musical) did $1.4 million. That was Betrayal, starring Daniel Craig. • Four other musicals broke $2 million, a number that a few years ago seemed unattainable. Those shows were: Kinky Boots, Spider-Man, Lion King and, …

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Broadway Should Encourage Risk Tolerance of Innovative Shows

If you missed it, last week the producers of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark announced that the show is closing on Broadway and moving to Las Vegas. I’ve heard talk from all the way back when the show opened that a Las Vegas production was in the cards, but the goal presumably was to run two versions of the show, not to move it. I think the Vegas show makes a lot of sense and will be extremely popular. Vegas …

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