Uptick in Vinyl Sales Proves Value of Recorded Music Headed to Zero

In another universe, I’m one of the people cheering and holding a pennant that sales “Vinyl!” on it. But in this one, I’m just not that gullible. When we talked about music sales recently, I knew that people would take the bait on the deceptive infographic showing the “explosion” of sales of recordings on vinyl. Up 33%, while digital is down 8%! Of course, you don’t need a degree in statistics to look just slightly deeper at those numbers and …

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Bright Ideas

What’s the Use of a Paper Ticket?

I really enjoyed this piece, written by Matthew Lew, about the redesign of paper tickets for shows. In it, Matthew suggests some very smart and interesting ways that Ticketmaster specifically can improve the look and usefulness of the paper tickets that it prints. In our hearts, we know the paper ticket is doomed. Print-at-Home tickets are a temporary solution that in a few years will seem as quaint as paper tickets themselves. You already get tickets on your phone in …

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