Pretending to be Hot

A couple weeks ago, I made the following point: “Without meaning to, I’d say our industry has made it pretty hard to buy live entertainment. Ticket buyers are generally confused, frustrated, suspicious and trepidatious.” That’s right. As a group, we put obstacles in the path of people who are just trying to give us money and attend our events. This sucks, but let’s stay positive for a moment and look at the beginning of my sentence: “Without meaning to …” …

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Your Daily Reminder That Live Entertainment is Dead…

Yep. Dead as Dickens, at $375 a ticket to sit on a lawn and see a headliner whose last hit is from 2003. Coachella is a stone cold sellout.

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Bright Ideas

TEDxBroadway Young Professionals Program

As some of you know, I’m one of the organizers and the onstage host of TEDxBroadway. We’re expecting another sold-out version of this event on February 24, 2014, and to make sure that we’re getting not only today’s important decision-makers but also the decision-makers of the future, we have created a program that allows young professionals who work in any of the industries related to or based in the Broadway ecosystem to attend for free. There isn’t a hard and …

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Dodgers Show What Being Audience-Oriented Means

The Los Angeles Dodgers are in the playoffs, which means that everyone wants to be at the games. I went to a game during the series before this one, wherein they beat the Atlanta Braves, and it was crowded. But of course, that’s what you’d expect. These games are sold out and very popular. Except it wasn’t just a sell out. The car traffic was extreme, with waits in the parking lot that kept the stadium only partly full for …

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