#TBT: About Selling Out

Editor’s Note: This week Goldstar celebrated its 15th anniversary. And we couldn’t have done it without you. So thanks for being here. For everyone in the live entertainment business, we hope we make your daily grind a little easier and more fun. Here’s to many more successful and exciting years! In honor of our anniversary, we’re sharing Jim’s first-ever Selling Out post, where he shared his thoughts on live entertainment. I’ve got this ticket framed and stuck on the wall …

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Why Selling Out Is So Important in Live Entertainment

In the live entertainment and arts business, selling out is urgent. It has short and long-term strategic implications for venues and producers as well as the industry overall. Partly, this is because of the financial structure of most live entertainment: The costs are almost all “fixed.” That means that regardless of how many people buy tickets to a show or event, the costs to deliver that show are very nearly the same. One person could show up, or 400 could …

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Bright Ideas

Giving the People What They Want

Goldstar’s Scott Oklin passed this article along to me. He works with one of our partners in Denver, the Arvada Center, and thought it would be interesting for everyone in the Selling Out community to see. The Arvada Center gave its patrons a choice of which musicals they would want to see and allowed them to vote. In fact, two of the shows in the season, Camelot and Tarzan, came from patron picks. Interestingly, the Arvada Center did not leave …

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Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah!

For everyone in the venue and live entertainment community who has helped us launch successfully over the last couple of months, I want to say a huge thank you. Have a great Thanksgiving! Also, and while I’ve still got a sliver of your attention, I want to ask you again to consider making a quick and easy donation to one of the organizations we’ve linked to on Goldstar. It’s a 10-year tradition and one of my favorite things. The …

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Measure Success Using Revenue Per Seat

The name of this site is Selling Out, but the goal of Selling Out is achieving success with your marketing. So how do you measure success? You can sell out by having a great show; or you can sell out by putting a show in a house that’s way too small for the act; or you can sell out by dramatically underpricing the tickets. If there’s one thing I wish I could teach the world of live entertainment marketers about …

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