#TBT: Half Price Cannibalization? Only If You Do It Wrong

Happy #TBT. To celebrate, we’re sharing an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim: Half Price Cannibalization? Only If You Do It Wrong. Rick Lester from the database marketing firm TRG posted an intriguing teaser on some upcoming data that I just have to talk about. The group is looking at the behavior of half-price ticket buyers in the Bay Area, and here’s what their preliminary data says: “In this case, my three decades of experience was not helpful. I was convinced that cannibalization …

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Why Do You Care If You Sell Out or Not?

For this series, we’ve reached into the vault to share a few pieces that are still relevant today. There’s a phenomenon in live entertainment marketing that’s fundamentally childish, and yet on some level, just about everyone who markets our products falls victim to it. It’s the desire to “sell out.” I put “sell out” in quotes because everyone who markets live entertainment professionally understands that this term can be defined in all kinds of ways and manipulated in even more …

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Bright Ideas

10 Steps to Sell Out Your Show

Ari’s Take: 10 Steps to Sell Out Your Show. I love this, and suggest you go read all 10 of Ari’s steps.

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