“Magic Has New Meaning to Me After TEDxBroadway”

On February 24, a few Goldstar employees attended TEDxBroadway 2014. So we asked them to tell us what especially struck a chord with them at the conference. Here’s one response from Wendi Lebow, Vice President of Venue Relations: I was never a fan of magic. I just hate to be tricked. But after TEDxBroadway 2014, my definition of magic has changed. No, Jim did not book a bunch of magicians to entertain the Broadway elite. As it turns out, magic,...

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Brainwaves Show What People REALLY Think of Prices

Is Your Coffee too Cheap? Using Brainwaves to Test Prices. This is an interesting read about a German scientist who is experimenting with the brainwaves of people who are looking at different prices for Starbucks coffee. The specifics are not as important here as an idea that I REALLY want you to understand: Price is one of the most powerful tools in a live entertainment marketer's toolkit, and it can't be a hostage of your ego or your "gut." The reason for this...

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