Comic-Con Fans Willing to Spend, But Not on What You Think

This New York Times article, Large Crowds Spend Little at Comic-Con, underscores an interesting fact about fans and how they choose to spend their money. San Diego’s Comic-Con International draws thousands (130,000) of attendees who will pay for lodging, gas and admission — but not on the products being sold — because they love the live experience. According to the article, “In a recent report from the San Diego Convention Center, where Comic-Con is held, the fantasy fans ranked first in …

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The iBeacon: What It Is and What to Do About It

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about a technology that will be part of the live event experience very, very soon. It’s called iBeacon. Developed by Apple, this technology makes it possible to set up very small, very low-power transmitters in a venue (or anywhere) that can find and transmit information to iOS (Apple) phones. How might something like this work? I walk into Dodger Stadium with my iPhone 5s, and I have already downloaded a certain app (in …

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Ready for a Cold Weather Super Bowl?

Read up about how MetLife Stadium in New Jersey is getting ready for this year’s Super Bowl. Every few years, the NFL skips the balmy climates of places like Miami, Tampa, New Orleans and San Diego to hold a Super Bowl somewhere potentially chilly. This game, however, is the first Super Bowl in a cold winter climate and an outdoor stadium.* Indianapolis, Detroit and Minneapolis have all hosted, but their stadiums are all climate-controlled domes. MetLife is a great big …

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