A Cultural Force That’s Bigger Than You Think

Perry Farrell (of Jane’s Addiction fame) is developing an immersive, EDM-based musical in Vegas. In addition to being a magnet for more hashtags than a NASCAR has ads (I count Vegas, musical, EDM and immersive), it’s also pretty intriguing. I’d go. Keep an eye on this! The evolution and maturity of EDM (electronic dance music) as a cultural force is going to have a big impact on the world of the near future. Just as rock ‘n’ roll and later …

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The Great Thing About a Live Event Is It Includes You

I had fun reading this article, in which the author complains about her recent trip to an Elton John concert. The problem was that people were singing along to Elton’s songs so much that she couldn’t even hear Elton sing. I sympathize, kinda. But not really. Because the last thing in the world that we need to drive into other forms of performed live music is a policy that requires that we sit absolutely silent at all times. See how …

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