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Adopt This Motto: Not More of the Same

On his blog dedicated to audience building, Matt Lehrman offers a helpful motto for nonprofits (that could be adopted by anyone in the live entertainment industry), which he hopes will lead to positive results 10 years down the road. He suggests carving out as little as 1 percent of your organization’s budget to create a “Not More of the Same” task force to advance your organization’s mission in some creative way —  guided by the principle that their responsibility is …

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Dull Is Dangerous, Sharp Is Safe

Back in the days when I trained teenagers to cut bagels for living, we had an expression about knives: Dull is dangerous, sharp is safe. Basically, what that means is that a knife that isn’t properly sharpened has a tendency to snag or to cut a person’s hand in a way that’s much worse than a sharp blade. I really enjoyed reading Isaac Butler’s piece about the supposedly safe course pursued by some venues in programming familiar material in their …

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