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Pro Tip: Customer Service With Shaunelle Curry

Meet Shaunelle Curry Title: Customer Service Specialist Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri Best Live Show She’s Ever Seen: “Hands down, The Lion King. It is absolutely magical! I was swept into the wonder of childhood the first time I saw it. I’ve seen it three times now thanks to Goldstar!” SO: What is your philosophy about customer service? SC: What am I going to do to make our customer’s life better as far as their interaction with us, especially when people come in …

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#TBT: Customers Aren’t Slaves — Stop Trying to “Own” Them

Happy #TBT! Here’s an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim: Customers Aren’t Slaves — Stop Trying to “Own” Them. Customers don’t want to be owned. In fact, to the great astonishment of marketers everywhere, customers don’t even think of themselves as customers. They think of themselves as human beings who might (or might not) happen to like what you and your venue have to offer. So, besides the general repulsiveness of the sentiment behind wanting to “own” the customer (gee, how 19th century …

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Three Things You Must Consider About Email Marketing

In his recent post “‘Customer Information’ or License to Spam?” Jim wrote: Customer information is valuable when it’s the result of permission and when it’s not just “data,” but when it actually represents a person with value to and interest in what your organization is doing. It’s not a blanket license to spam. Now, James Baggaley at Spektrix chimes in with “Stop Spamming Your Customers Before it’s Too Late.” He outlines three things arts organizations should do right this second …

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Every Organization Needs a Database of Ticket Buyers

New Software Will Help Small Arts Groups Track Customers. Two things about this: First, a good, central database of ticket buyers is a bare minimum. Wait … is it 2001? It was a bare minimum then. Now, if an organization doesn’t have some form of central database, I would go so far as to say it is not really doing marketing. It may be doing marketing activities, but it’s not doing marketing. Spray and pray advertising, maybe, but not marketing. …

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