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Expert Chat — Jagged Little Pill Producers: Onstage to Online

Join us and Jagged Little Pill producers, Eva Price and Arvind Ethan David, for an Expert Chat on Wednesday, December 9 at 3:00pm Eastern Time. The producers behind the staggering 15 Tony Award-nominated show will be talking with Jim about how they’re making the leap to online shows as they ready the cast and crew of Jagged Little Pill for an upcoming live reunion concert streaming on Stellar. These two powerhouse producers will discuss how they’re getting people back to …

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The Roth Doctrine

Some people I just know I’m going to like before I meet them. Jordan Roth was one of those people because before we ever spent any real time together, I read this article about Jordan and his then-recent takeover of Jujamcyn Theaters. I mention it because there’s something in the article that I find myself repeating and emphasizing to venues, producers and marketers all of the time, and which I now call the Roth Doctrine. Leading into it, he describes …

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High Demand Is Where You Find It

You might have missed my little summary of the crazy box office Broadway had over the holidays. Unbelievable numbers across a range of shows. This article has a little bit more about it. One little interesting tidbit that wasn’t in the first piece, though, was that Wicked has the ability to flex based on demand. Here’s the quote: “In the case of ‘Wicked,’” recent renovations to the Gershwin Theater, where the show is playing, opened up 119 seats in the …

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