Gen Z and the Rise of “Dark Social”

In Vogue Business, Lucy Maguire writes, “Gen Z is reinventing social media marketing.” Maguire suggests that “brands should evolve their marketing strategies and reconsider platforms to reach younger audiences.” “Young people aged 16 to 24 spent an average of seven hours per day online in 2019, three of which were spent exclusively on social media, according to GlobalWebIndex,” writes Maguire. “But in markets like the US, growth on platforms like Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook is¬†slowing, while newcomer TikTok¬†grew rapidly in …

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Orchestras Will Survive and Thrive By Putting Audiences First

Orchestras and classic rock have something in common: As we currently know them, their best days have passed. This just came up recently, but the topic has resurfaced in the form of the question, “Are there too many orchestras?” To which I once again say, wrong question. Here’s a tidbit from the article that’s worth noting: “Unlike Europe, where classical music is considered almost a ward of the state, North American musical life has always depended in large part on …

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