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Word Stock: Print at Home

Hard tickets are stupid. Imagine stacks of printed, unique tickets shipped to ticket sales outlets, each one completely untraceable and unreplaceable. If you don’t have to imagine it because you can remember it, you’re probably thinking “good riddance” right now, and if you are imagining it, you’re probably scowling in puzzlement and confusion. What the heck kind of system was that? Of course, it got better. First, the tickets were organized into a central data base and printed on-site via …

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Bright Ideas

What’s the Use of a Paper Ticket?

I really enjoyed this piece, written by Matthew Lew, about the redesign of paper tickets for shows. In it, Matthew suggests some very smart and interesting ways that Ticketmaster specifically can improve the look and usefulness of the paper tickets that it prints. In our hearts, we know the paper ticket is doomed. Print-at-Home tickets are a temporary solution that in a few years will seem as quaint as paper tickets themselves. You already get tickets on your phone in …

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