#TBT: Avoid Extendinitis

Happy #TBT! Here’s an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim: Avoid Extendinitis. This is a malady akin to Pretendinitis but unfortunate in its own way. Extendinitis is the phenomenon where producers of shows believe that people will get more excited and buy more tickets to their show if they believe that the run is short. Not when the run is actually short, but when you’re supposed to believe the run is short. Let’s try a little experiment. Tomorrow at noon, I’m going to …

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Olympic Pretendinitis?

Anecdotally, in the early days of the Olympics, I’m seeing empty seats in Sochi as I watch, and others are pointing out the same. Somehow, the BBC is reporting a sales figure of 70% sold overall for the tickets at these games as of two weeks before the start. This compares to the 97% figure that they reported for past games in London and Vancouver at the same point. It’s a tough comparison, because London and Vancouver would have had …

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