#TBT: Best Positioning Statement Ever …

Happy #TBT. To celebrate, we’re sharing an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim: Best Positioning Statement Ever … . In 1973, Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned in disgrace because of a bribery scandal. Because of this, President Richard Nixon had to pick a vice president, and he chose the House Minority Leader Gerald Ford. Eight months later, President Nixon resigned from office because of the Watergate scandal, and Ford became president. Wow, imagine that trip. Obviously, Ford was far from an unknown, …

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Marketing Quote of the Week: John Quincy Adams

Read More: Marketing Quote of the Week: Albert Einstein Marketing Quote of the Week: Karin Timpone Marketing Quote of the Week: Peter Drucker Marketing Quote of the Week: Maya Angelou Got a comment or question? Join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

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New President, New Agenda for the Kennedy Center

Deborah Rutter will be the Kennedy Center’s third president. This is really interesting because she’s coming from a very successful run as the head of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra; she has an MBA; and according to the article in the Washington Post, she’s being hired as much for her management skills as her expertise in the arts. The Kennedy Center is an interesting organization to me because it’s separated in so many ways from all of the pressures that most …

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