#TBT: Dodgers Show What Being Audience-Oriented Means

Happy #TBT. To celebrate, we’re sharing an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim. The Dodgers have made it into the playoffs again this year by clinching the NL West, and their first game of a five-game division series is tomorrow against the St. Louis Cardinals. Around this time last year, Jim commended the Dodgers for being audience-oriented and long-term focused for actions like rewarding car poolers. Always keep in mind: If you’re in sports marketing or theater marketing or music marketing, you’re …

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Dodgers Show What Being Audience-Oriented Means

The Los Angeles Dodgers are in the playoffs, which means that everyone wants to be at the games. I went to a game during the series before this one, wherein they beat the Atlanta Braves, and it was crowded. But of course, that’s what you’d expect. These games are sold out and very popular. Except it wasn’t just a sell out. The car traffic was extreme, with waits in the parking lot that kept the stadium only partly full for …

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