When Do People Buy Livestream Tickets?

With more than 2,000 virtual shows presented on Stellar, Jim McCarthy has a few sales insights to share to help you set up your marketing and forecasting plans for success.  If you’re wondering: When do people buy livestream tickets in relation to the show date? What is the percentage of sales that happen within 48 hours? How do online sales patterns differ from in-person shows? You’ll want to watch this video. And, to learn more about Stellar, visit

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#TBT: Deception and Obscurity as Business Plan?

Happy #TBT. To celebrate, we’re sharing an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim: Deception and Obscurity as Business Plan? I saw this on Ticketnews, and it’s worth a mention. It’s a piece about the practice that many ticket brokers have of building dummy websites that look like the websites (kinda, if you’ve never used the internet) of the venue for the tickets you’re looking for. For example, a website themed in blue and white with some old-timey baseball script fonts in there saying …

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Want to Impress Me? Predict the Future, Not the Past

Niels Bohr was quoted in 1970 as saying, “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.” So it is, but, of course, only predictions about the future have any value. I appreciate the effort that goes into developing an algorithm to predict the success of something like a Broadway show, but this attempt shouldn’t be the basis for changing your marketing plans. Why not? If you’re looking back at results, you can always make a model that appears to have …

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