TEDxBroadway to Host Live Streaming Conversation Series

Today, TEDxBroadway organizers announced a new series of online conversations with a central theme in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the Broadway community — “What’s the best WE can be right now?” “We’ve tapped a few of our TEDxBroadway alumni with the idea that their topics seem especially meaningful in these tough times, and there’s more to say about them,” says TEDxBroadway Co-Founder, Damian Bazadona of Situation. “Their topics range from service, to facing challenges, to just taking an opportunity to share …

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What Is Mindful Digital Marketing?

Most of us have heard of — and probably engaged in practices that promote — mindfulness. According to Ria Sankar for Search Engine Journal, the principles we apply when doing mindful practices like yoga can also be applied to digital marketing. Sankar writes: “The process of continuous improvement in yoga is rooted in objective introspection rather than a focus on the external. The focus is on finding purpose, staying positive, building empathy, and expanding perspective.” She outlines how these four …

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Bright Ideas

Your TEDxBroadway Talk

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought about what talk YOU would give at TEDxBroadway. Now, take that hand and click here to tell us about it! Seriously. Last year, three of the 15 speakers we featured on our stage answered the call for our New Voices program. One of them was Julie Stroud. Her talk, “The Transformative Power of ‘Dear Evan Hansen’” was both intensely personal and honest. It was something our team would never have been able to come up with by ourselves. Advice from Julie about submitting …

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Revenue Up, Attendance Down on Broadway

Broadway producer (and Selling Out friend) Ken Davenport analyzes the first 13 weeks of the Broadway 2013-14 season … and he’s not happy. Though revenue is up .3% (Don’t spend that all in one place!), attendance is down 8.7%, which is on a base of attendance, which dropped 6.2%. Ken says, “I’m not sounding the alarm bells just yet, but I definitely have my finger on my ‘I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up’ button.” OK, Ken’s alarm system sounds a …

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