Live Chat Replay: Creating Successful Online Events

This week, Jim chatted with musician and virtual concert expert Jay Nash about creating successful online events.  If you missed it, they covered a lot of ground on things like:  What to consider when pricing your online events  How to tackle audio issues -- particularly with multiple performers Which streaming options would work best for you  For those who did tune in live, here’s the list of the streaming options and tools Jay mentioned:  Streaming service: Open Broadcaster Software For multi-streaming:...

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The Best Learning Space for Performance Is …

This Chicago Tribune article about street performers points out a few things -- about promotion, audience engagement, etc. -- that artists can learn from busking. One of the best quotes is: "It's easier to play for a crowd that came to hear you," guitarist Keithen Banks said. "But when you're playing in front of a crowd that didn't come to hear you and you win them over, you're doing something." Everyone's got to start somewhere (I remember seeing Michael Colyar on Venice...

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