A New Kind of Museum Popping Up Around the Globe

Young people aren’t going to museums as much as they used to. Most teenagers use social media. This gave Petra Scharinger a bright idea: to create nofilter_museum, filled with interactive exhibits inviting people to take photos of themselves. A Museum of Selfies! BBC News reports on the Nofilter_museum opening in Vienna, and we have a few Museum of Selfies listed on Goldstar: Museum of Selfies Las Vegas and Museum of Selfies in Hollywood, Calif.: “I think it’s the future of …

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The Secret That Las Vegas Has Figured Out

Chicago has plans to build a casino — and according to reporter Chris Jones for the Chicago Tribune, “fevered debate is underway about the most desirable location for the newly authorized Chicago casino.” “But these arguments are absurd,” writes Jones, “the far more important question is what should be inside this still mythical Chicago casino.” The answer? Live entertainment. Jones continues: “Here’s why. Gambling revenues are in decline from the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut … to the Las Vegas …

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Millennials Are Changing the Way We Market

In his post, The Most Important Thing in the World for Marketers to Understand, Jim explained that we’re handing off the torch of power from one massive generation (The Baby Boomers) to another (The Generation Known as Gen Y or Millennials). He wrote: This isn’t merely numbers. It’s about what kind of assumptions and norms will dominate a culture. My point is simple: We are now already in a Gen Y world. Boomers still (for just a couple more years) …

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