In Case You Missed It

Each week we’ll share a collection of articles we think are well worth reading. And now, in case you missed them … • The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra successfully completed its $5 million emergency fundraising drive. Find out the breakdown of how they got it and their next steps for fiscal health. • The Canadian Museum of History, formerly the Museum of Civilization and Canada’s largest, most-visited museum, is launching a fundraising campaign, but it has set the bar very low …

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Pricing Is Yucky

“Yucky” is a really useful catch-all term that little kids use to describe things that they just don’t want to have anything to do with. I remember my own toddlers would describe various things as yucky, which didn’t mean they smelled bad or had some horrible sticky substance all over them. It just meant they weren’t interested and couldn’t be made to get interested. I have a theory that a lot of the mistakes and misconceptions that people make about …

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Orchestras, First Step to Financial Health is Happy Audiences

Don’t expect the drumbeat of financial trouble for orchestras to stop. Here are a couple quotes that I think are helpful in thinking about the long-term resolution of this. First, from the Chairman of the orchestra’s board, “Despite the Brooklyn Philharmonic’s tremendous artistic successes over the last couple of years, the orchestra continues to experience financial difficulties.” If an organization’s definition of artistic success diverges too much from the definition of its audience or the potential audience that it needs, …

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