When Making Fun Can Lead to New Fans

Bad reviews can be good for business, as we pointed out in this post. And, a spoof of your brand on Saturday Night Live can raise awareness of it. According to Adweek, When SNL featured a sketch with Kristen Stewart, Beck Bennet and Aidy Bryant making fun “of the astronomical cost of Farrow & Ball paints and their flowery descriptions, as well as the fact that you ‘can’t touch’ the finished paint — with some digs at the English spelling …

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Halloween Goes Immersive, Big Holiday to Sell More

Adding more momentum to the ‘immersive’ trend in live entertainment, this year’s Halloween events blur the line between attraction and show. I think it’s great because today’s audiences are, more than their predecessors, interested in being part of the show. The success of Sleep No More or Then She Fell suggest that merging show and participatory media work very well presuming, of course, that they’re done right. By the way, Halloween events are a big deal, and I think most …

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