The One Word That Will Up Your Audience Engagement

Engaging your audience — and keeping them engaged — is often the best way to maximize revenue, suggests Kissmetrics Blog. And that means focusing your “engagement goals on attention … and creating strategies that aim to attract attention.” So, how can you up your engagement and attract more attention? Author Nadav writes that it comes down to one word: easy. Your content should be easy to … Scan Interact With Load Share Monetize We’ve highlighted one of his points below, …

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The Sound of Audience

Last Thursday night, 18.5 million people watched The Sound of Music performed live on television. Last season, 11.5 million people saw any show on Broadway. Quibble about the performances. Quibble about the production. Say (correctly) that the two experiences are not the same. Say (correctly) that you can’t monetize a TV viewing the same way you can monetize a theater visit. But here’s what it comes down to. When the only way to experience the product is in the building, …

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