Are you Capitalizing on Big Moments?

Super Bowl LIV is almost here, and many companies are focusing their ad efforts around this big moment. Even companies that are not running TV ads during the game are creating buzz for themselves in a variety of ways. For Adweek, Ian Zelaya details 9 brands that are activating for the big game -- without TV ads. Hopefully, these examples can offer inspiration on how to engage consumers by capitalizing on big local happenings. Below are two of Zelaya's examples, then read...

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The Most Outrageous 2015 Tony Moments in GIFS

Vogue Magazine posted the eight most outrageous moments from the 69th annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall last night -- in GIFs. From an E.T. sighting to Kelli O’Hara's victory dance, check them all out here. Did you have a favorite moment from the 2015 Tony Awards? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook.

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