What Happens in Las Vegas Will Be Happening in Madison Square Garden

Las Vegas has long been a place where popular acts (musicians, magicians and others) who are still popular, but probably beyond the peak of their popularity, can do very well. It’s done by creating a monument to their achievements and success and marketing a location as the place that you can go to find them anytime. Celine Dion may not be recording many new hits, but she’s got enough fans and enough of a catalog that when you put millions …

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Who’s to Blame? AEG Wanted MJ Healthy, Happy

The basics of this are that MJ’s family sued AEG for hiring the doctor who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Michael’s death because the family considered AEG negligent for hiring a doctor they should have known was trouble. AEG had said that Jackson chose Murray, but the jury disagreed: They decided that AEG had in fact hired the doctor, but that AEG wasn’t negligent in doing so. If you recall, the tour that would have been sold faster than …

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