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Last Night at The Met

Here’s a marketing insight from the category of brilliant-but-freaking-obvious: People like themselves. The audience of any show or event is made up of people and, therefore, by the transitive property, if you can connect your event to the people in the audience, they will enjoy that show or event more. That’s why I think Last Night at The Met has so much potential. It’s a tumblr of pictures taken by photograph Rose Callahan of people attending shows at the Metropolitan …

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Is the Future of Arts About Broadcasting?

Michael Kaiser of the Kennedy Center speculates in this article about the future viability of regional and medium-sized arts organizations as producers of actual live entertainment. He doesn’t directly express an opinion, but he seems to be implying that the ability to broadcast performances (like the UK’s National Theatre or the Metropolitan Opera) will basically create a star effect and drive regional organizations into obsolescence. Three answers and a comment: • This will only happen if you don’t believe there’s …

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