How Not to Discount: Part II

Don't discount at the last minute only.This one’s pretty simple. The second bad way to discount is to wait until the last minute, and then do it in a panic.Why is this a bad idea? First, you’ve narrowed your options considerably. When venues come to us the day or two before a show and say they’d like to discount, we typically can’t help them, and we’re fast! But the fact is that we, like every big website, have a...

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Selling Out With

Selling Out With Damian Bazadona

Damian Bazadona is the President of Situation Interactive, a digital marketing agency with offices in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles that spotlights see-it-to-believe-it experiences. He has a knack for connecting his high-profile clients, such as Madison Square Garden, Disney and Cirque du Soleil, with the latest technology. Like a mobile campaign he executed for Blue Man Group in Las Vegas, where he focused on "text and snipe" in conjunction with bus ads. For Bazadona, making sure people...

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No One Knows and No One Cares

Here’s a joke for you: What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?I don’t know, and I don’t care.No, really, that’s the answer. Seth Godin once said that booksellers shouldn’t be worried about piracy robbing them of riches, but instead wishing people cared enough about their products to try to pirate them.That reminded me of something I say to entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs all the time: If you work from the assumption that no one knows or cares about your product or...

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What Major League Baseball Can Teach Us

Lots of literally "inside baseball" information here, but I'd call your attention to the "Most Disappointing City" items about halfway down. Chicago Cubs sell-outs have been for a long time as reliable as McDonald's restrooms when traveling abroad. But they're down this year, to the point where you can just, gasp, BUY a ticket to a game from the box office, and a downright mortal 9th in terms of sell-through percentage. Is it team performance, which has been poor?...

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