Goldstar Subscribers’ Return Readiness Score for Early October

Return Readiness Score for Early October

Twice a month, Goldstar is surveying its audience of live entertainment enthusiasts to see how they feel about returning to in-person events. The results are interesting! The highlights from early October are below: When asked to “describe your willingness to go out to live events” on a scale of 0-100:  the average response score was 42. For New York respondents specifically, the average response score was also 42. If venues followed strict cleaning routines and social distancing policies, that number goes up to …

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Expert Chat

Join Our Expert Chat on Oct. 14: The Art of Producing & Marketing Livestream Shows

For our latest Expert Chat, we’ve tapped two incredible theater pros to discuss the art of producing and marketing livestreamed events. Patrick Brown (Director of Marketing at Geffen Playhouse) and Tony-winning Broadway producer Ken Davenport will share how they’re creating real revenue and bringing big audiences to their online events in the COVID era and beyond. Jim will also have the latest results from our on-going subscriber survey which includes the Return Readiness Score. When: Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 3:00pm …

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#TBT: Why Do People Go to Live Events in the First Place?

Happy #TBT. To celebrate, we’re sharing an oldie-but-goodie post from Jim. Why Do People Go to Live Events in the First Place? Last week, I talked about the NFL’s small problem with attendance. It’s a real issue, more for the potential future ramifications than today, but let’s keep it in context. This is a problem that, in other leagues, would go by a different name. For example, “fantastic, runaway success.” Heck, there are more teams at 100% attendance or higher …

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Find Something Great to Do Anytime, Anywhere

Recently, Bloomberg asked me to talk about the impact of mobile adoption on live events, and some of you may have seen that segment. The reason they were interested in having me there is that over the last couple of years, Goldstar has put a tremendous effort into understanding and being part of the platform shift currently happening among consumers toward mobile devices. As a veteran of the original World Wide Web explosion of the late ’90s, this mobile transition …

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