An Unexpected Upside to Niche Programming

Programming content for a venue has more impact than probably anything else on sales. A lot of people approach this with the assumption that it's best to appeal to more people -- as many and as broad a group as possible. Funnily enough, it often works the other way around. Narrowing the focus of your content to a group that can seem unbelievably small can be even more effective. An off-Broadway show called Craving For Travel (bit of an awkward...

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Consumers Getting Wise to Primary-Secondary Market Shenanigans

A man in New Jersey who bought some pretty expensive tickets to the Super Bowl is suing the NFL for not releasing more tickets to be sold to the general public. His claim is that, according to New Jersey law, at least five percent of tickets must be available for regular people to buy. I don’t know anything about the merits of his case, but it shows that consumers are getting savvy to the idea that the primary market sellers (in...

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