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Selling Out With Darren Bagert

It's a big night for two-time Tony Award-winning Broadway producer Darren Bagert. After a successful run at Washington, D.C.'s Kennedy Center, Side Show opens on Broadway -- and Bagert is the lead producer. The exciting new reimagining of the 1997 Tony-nominated musical is based on the remarkable true story of the legendary Hilton twins as they rise from side-show attractions to celebrities of their day, and features music by Grammy-winning composer Henry Krieger (Dreamgirls) and direction by Academy Award...

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New President, New Agenda for the Kennedy Center

Deborah Rutter will be the Kennedy Center's third president. This is really interesting because she's coming from a very successful run as the head of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra; she has an MBA; and according to the article in the Washington Post, she's being hired as much for her management skills as her expertise in the arts. The Kennedy Center is an interesting organization to me because it's separated in so many ways from all of the pressures that most...

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Price Has Nothing to Do With Costs

When I talk about this, people look at me puzzled. A couple years ago, Michael Kaiser, smart guy and Big Chief of the Kennedy Center, wrote an article on Huffington Post that gives me a starting point for what I want you to understand about prices: “The central challenge facing arts managers is to fill the ever-widening gap between rapidly increasing expenses and earned income, primarily from ticket sales. This gap continues to grow each year since the number of seats...

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