Think Twice Before You Complain About Sales

This infographic about music sales in 2013 is designed to entertain you, but I think it needs a headline. I’ll give it one now: Recorded Music Sales Shrink Again. Let’s give it a subhed or two: Even Most Popular Albums Sell Relatively Few Copies. Digital Formats No Longer Growing in Sales. Remember this whenever you start feeling a little whine coming on because you’re in the live entertainment business.

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Three Ways Newer Artists Are Selling Lots of Tickets

As an antidote to my recent complaints about the ancient nature of the concert touring business, this story suggests an alternative. The article mentions several acts, including Ed Sheeran, who “is part of a breed of newer and lesser known acts who are able to sell out top venues, even if they aren’t pushing millions and millions of albums and singles like Eminem and Justin Timberlake, or dominating with chart-topping tracks and radio airplay like Katy Perry or Rihanna.” These …

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