Word Stock

Word Stock Market: Service

The Word Stock Market is an occasional feature on, where I will tell you whether to buy, sell or hold a certain word based on whether that word has a strong future or has seen better days. For example, if you’d bought the word “hybrid” 10 years ago (when it meant a cross between a horse and a donkey, not an eco-friendly car), you’d be rich today. On the other hand, if you’d bought “digital camera,” you’d be broke. …

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The Roth Doctrine

Some people I just know I’m going to like before I meet them. Jordan Roth was one of those people because before we ever spent any real time together, I read this article about Jordan and his then-recent takeover of Jujamcyn Theaters. I mention it because there’s something in the article that I find myself repeating and emphasizing to venues, producers and marketers all of the time, and which I now call the Roth Doctrine. Leading into it, he describes …

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Happy Holidays: A Few of Our Favorite Posts

Our countdown to Christmas has begun! We’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. This will be our last post until Monday, but we’d like to highlight a few of our favorite Selling Out posts since our launch. We’d also like to say thanks for being a part of the Selling Out community. Enjoy! • Hubbard Street Dance Takes It to the Streets to Grow: We spotted this piece in the Washington Post about a dance company whose …

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Bright Ideas

Defining Originality: The How Rather Than the What

Half of Broadway’s content is from other sources, according to this article. And you know what? I don’t care! In fact, I think Jordan Roth of Jujamcyn Theaters nailed this topic forevermore in his TEDxBroadway 2012 talk, when he defined “originality” to mean more than just, “is there source material?” But on the invention inherent to the work. The “how” rather than just the “what,” as he put it. Hey, Shakespeare cribbed Ovid, Plutarch and folk tales from all over Europe, …

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