What Journalists Can Teach You About Marketing Theater

Marketing and journalism might seem like they are completely different jobs, but at their core is the same idea: “delivering quality and engaging content,” points out TopRank Marketing Blog writer Caitlin Burgess. Burgess shares several other lessons marketers can learn from journalists, a few in particular that are perfect for theater and live entertainment marketers to remember. You can read her full list here and see our favorite lessons below: “#1 – Know Your Audience Journalists understand that in order …

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What Theater Critics and Journalists Wish Was on Your Website

They say all press is good press, but wouldn’t you rather just stick with the real good press? The first step to that is making sure critics, journalists and bloggers can find the information they need to see and talk about your show. Without that you either have no press, or press that’s a bit cranky after digging through pages of unhelpfulness. Wall Street Journal drama critic Terry Teachout has spoken with us about this topic before (read his full …

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