Single-Use Marketing Programs

Last week, rap group Wu-Tang Clan announced a never-before tried launch program for its new album later this year. Called The Wu: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, the collection of songs will be sold to one — and only one — person, after touring museums and galleries, where you will be able to buy a ticket to listen to the album for $30 to $50, according to this piece by Ilan Mochari in Slate. It’s a cool idea, and …

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Think Twice Before You Complain About Sales

This infographic about music sales in 2013 is designed to entertain you, but I think it needs a headline. I’ll give it one now: Recorded Music Sales Shrink Again. Let’s give it a subhed or two: Even Most Popular Albums Sell Relatively Few Copies. Digital Formats No Longer Growing in Sales. Remember this whenever you start feeling a little whine coming on because you’re in the live entertainment business.

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