How Not to Discount: Part III

Don’t discount only your lowest-priced inventory. Today’s example of how not to discount is slightly counterintuitive because it’s easy to associate “discount” with “low price.” The mistake I’m talking about is only discounting the lowest-priced inventory in your venue. This happens because some marketers are conflating two different things: a low price and a discount from face value. They aren’t the same thing, and they function psychologically to the consumer in very different ways. A tier of seats that is …

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What Major League Baseball Can Teach Us

Lots of literally “inside baseball” information here, but I’d call your attention to the “Most Disappointing City” items about halfway down. Chicago Cubs sell-outs have been for a long time as reliable as McDonald’s restrooms when traveling abroad. But they’re down this year, to the point where you can just, gasp, BUY a ticket to a game from the box office, and a downright mortal 9th in terms of sell-through percentage. Is it team performance, which has been poor? Remember, …

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