Happy Holidays: A Few of Our Favorite Posts

Our countdown to Christmas has begun! We’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. This will be our last post until Monday, but we’d like to highlight a few of our favorite Selling Out posts since our launch. We’d also like to say thanks for being a part of the Selling Out community. Enjoy! • Hubbard Street Dance Takes It to the Streets to Grow: We spotted this piece in the Washington Post about a dance company whose …

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Bright Ideas

Hubbard Street Dance Takes It to the Streets to Grow

I love this article. This is a dance company whose sense of mission makes them realize that they must reach more people, which means they must, ultimately, be audience-oriented. Jason Palmquist, the organization’s Executive Director, reflects on a tagline from the late ’90s for the organization (before his time there). The tagline said: “3 weeks only. You’ll need the other 49 to catch your breath.” Jason rejects that thinking, saying, “You’ll have the other 49 weeks to forget about us …

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