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“Here Lies Love” Shakes Up Its Start Times

Back in January, Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy made the point that everything is marketing, including start times. It’s an important development because it recognizes the audience, and it puts their needs first. This summer, the musical Here Lies Love — a collaboration between David Byrne and Fatboy Slim about the life of the former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos — added a 5:00pm show on Fridays and Saturdays … and it’s a hit. We wanted to know more about …

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Word Stock

Word Stock Market: Immersive

The Word Stock Market is an occasional feature on, where I will tell you whether to buy, sell or hold a certain word based on whether that word has a strong future or has seen better days. For example, if you’d bought the word “hybrid” 10 years ago (when it meant a cross between a horse and a donkey, not an eco-friendly car), you’d be rich today. On the other hand, if you’d bought “digital camera,” you’d be broke. …

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The Next Step After Immersive Theater

This is a very strong idea. According to this Wall Street Journal article, people in China are enacting real-life versions of a popular type of Japanese online game known as Takagism. They’re locking themselves in converted bomb shelters, residential apartments and office complexes, and they must escape by solving riddles and brain teasers. It takes the idea of immersive theater, like Sleep No More and Here Lies Love, and makes it not just immersive but participatory. Note that there is …

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