How to Keep People Talking Long After Your Show

Live entertainment certainly has its fair share of challenges. You’ve got to create a compelling show, market it to your audience, deliver an incredible experience while audiences are there and then (ideally) keep them talking about your show long after it’s over. A haunted house in Ontario, Canada has found one way to keep audiences talking — and it’s an idea that other live events might want to steal. It’s a simple concept: They take photos of visitors during one …

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Bright Ideas

Freebie Idea for a Hit Show

In the vein of the return of burlesque, single-ring circuses, intense haunted houses and roller derby, I’ve got a concept that the right show producer could turn into a hit. Sure, it’s nostalgic (although none of us actually remembers it), and perhaps somewhat ironic, but in keeping with shows like Teatro Zinzanni or even Shane Scheel’s For the Record shows in L.A. or Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, I can envision it being improved as a form, …

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